Summer has not yet arrived, and fashionistas all over the world are discussing trends from the fall-winter shows. At the epicenter of fashion, the Bouticle brand talks about the most important trends:

  • The 80s are back: ruffles, voluminous sleeves, a one-shoulder dress .. You can take out grandma’s chunky knit sweaters again and wear colorful skirts – anything is allowed.
  • Warm colors dominate among the shades: sand, ocher, dark orange. And forget about the play of shadows and dramatic contrasts – this season, softness in the transition from one tone to another will be in favor. By the way, despite the popularity of a particular range, be sure to consider your color type. This rule also works when choosing hair color!

Corduroy – this texture has set the tone and will clearly be one of the most fashionable fall trends. Looks best when paired with lighter fabrics.

  • Long live the dutiks. If you prefer style and functionality, then your time has come: dutik are firmly established on the catwalks! Short and long, plain and patterned … You can always find something of your own