Artistic Style Bouticle – modern and versatile styling positions that combine three directions of action in each formula – secure hold , recovery and protection.

Hydrolyzed silk proteins, pro-vitamin B5 and lychee extract contained in the composition reduce the influence of negative external factors, protect against high temperatures and UV rays, retain moisture and restore hair structure, which allows Artistic Style to be used every day, providing additional color protection and hair care. Fixing components, resins and polymers of the latest generation adapt to the structure of all hair types and hold their shape, maintaining the natural movement of the hair, flexibility and elasticity without sticking or sticky effect.

Artistic Style is suitable for creating classic and ultra-modern styling, evening hairstyles of any complexity level, creating curls, curls or adding volume and long fixing the form.

3-in-1 Pro-System

Extra strong hold hair spray is designed to make classic evening and cocktail hairstyles, as well as for blow styling of any complexity. The dry fine dispersion and the latest generation fixing components allow adapting to the structure of all hair types and keeping the final shape for as long as possible. Thanks to moringa seed extract, green tea extract and fruit acids in the composition, the hair spray helps to restore the hair structure and gives additional shine. The pro-vitamin B5 in the composition prevents from moisture loss, grants additional protection and conditioning effect. It preserves the long-lasting shine and provides it with an additional protection. Leaves no white residue. You can easily brush or wash it off without leaving any residue. For professional use.

Suggested use: spread evenly from the distance of 25-30 cm to set the hair shape. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


Strong hold mousse to create luxurious volume and securely retain the shape of hair when styling and styling hairstyles of any complexity. Gives extra shine and smoothness to the hair shaft, has an anti-frizz effect. Allows you to maintain flexibility, mobility and elasticity of the hair while creating a shape, provides a good conditioning effect, simplifying the process of drying and styling. Protects the hair structure from temperature changes and the negative effects of environmental factors. The absence of alcohol in the composition and the presence of pro-vitamin B5 prevent moisture loss and maintain the natural hydrobalance, and special fixing components ensure high durability of styling in high humidity conditions (umbrella effect). Hydrolyzed silk proteins restore the hair shaft, add density, strength, extra volume and protect against high temperatures when blow-drying.

Allows you to create a shape of any complexity, gives and reliably maintains volume when creating hairstyles, evening and everyday styling, even when working with thin hair. Restores and protects hair structure. Effective in high humidity conditions.

Suitable for creating voluminous or smooth shapes, shaping and disciplining curls and curls.

For professional use. Designed for all hair types.

3-in-1 Pro-System

A highly efficient heat protective smoothing fluid with 3-in-1 Pro-System based on Moringa extract, fruit acids, and hydrolyzed keratin moisturizes and helps to restore the hair strength, elasticity and perfect form. High Heat+ Thermo Active Complex on the basis of last-gen thermo-polymers and А2 ceramides provides the most reliable protection of hair structure when styling at high temperatures. NO fixing, NO gluing or sticky effect.

Suggested use: apply a sufficient amount of product evenly over the entire length of clean wet hair squeezed dry with a towel before styling or blow drying, spread the product and then blow dry strengthening the hair. If necessary, use a flat iron or another hair styler. For frequent and daily use. For all hair types. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.