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The concept of the new Glow Lab line is based on the idea of true beauty, as a reflection of inner harmony combined with aesthetics and value.

Glow Lab from < span lang = “en-US”> Bouticle – more than just a line to create an attractive look, this collection is designed to highlight the individuality, authenticity and natural beauty of every woman. Not only great results and aesthetic pleasure, but also impeccable content – the product formulas contain the most valuable and high-quality natural ingredients, collected in unique compositions to reveal, like a blossoming flower, the flawless external beauty of hair.

Feel the harmony and total immersion in the sensual world of the new beauty collection, inspired by nature and the traditions of beauty from three continents, united by one goal – to achieve a flawless appearance and health of your hair.

Harmony of the East, Aesthetics of the West and the Values ​​of the Solar Continent – a wide range of products from three lines allows you to choose the ideal combination of care and recovery procedures for each client, since each has its own individuality, uniqueness, preferences, your own hair type.



The perfect combination of the forces of nature in harmony with modern technology gives your hair a boost of energy and transformation.

Products in the line activate recovery and reveal radiance for unconditional harmony of color and perfection of hair structure. Maintaining the color achieved in the salon is an important task to maintain not only the external beauty, but also the internal integrity of the hair undergoing changes.

Specifically the line Color Glow Lab will give you the opportunity to prolong the color fastness and be sure of the perfect condition of your hair, thanks to its regenerating and moisturizing effect.

Organic Wild Lingonberry Essence – contains a huge amount of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and, in combination with a keratin-protein complex, localizes structural damage and is also an unrivaled source of vitamin S.

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Discover a new level of weightless volume, an unrivaled sensation of lightness and cleanliness while restoring hair vitality.

Hair often lacks the integrity and strength to maintain volume and maintain styling, and thinning and brittleness combined with high porosity leads to imperfect appearance and rapid color loss.

Line Biorich Light returns moisture to hair, effectively restores, protects from negative external impacts and prevents rapid color loss, emphasizing shine and brightness.

Organic oat and sage extracts have a softening, toning, highly effective antioxidant, regulating and regenerating effect. Provides shine and protects from external influences.



The value and usefulness of the precious ingredients of the Sunshine African Continent for the flawless appearance of your hair.

Line Glow Lab Repair is strengthening, reconstruction, hydration and effective protection against further damage.

Specially selected, centuries-proven natural oils and plant extracts from North and East Africa, combined with cutting-edge science and technology, create a new line to restore hair from the inside and a bright outer shine.

Natural argan oil obtained from the seeds and fruits of the Moroccan Argan tree, quickly penetrates the structure, strengthens, nourishes the hair shaft, adds shine and, in combination with natural cinchona extract, provides a tonic and soothing effect, normalizes cell metabolism and, acting on the follicles, stimulates hair growth.

In the modern pace of life, focusing on goals, we miss enjoying the moment. Taking care of your appearance with the products of the line Glow Lab in small daily steps to create your own unique style will become a real immersion in the world beauty and traditions of three ancient continents, awakening feelings, positive emotions and allowing you to feel the value of a moment of self-care.